Will rehabilitation help me?

If you have a problem with an aspect of your function (e.g. speech, walking, arm use, balance, memory), then it is likely that rehabilitation will help you.

My injury was five years ago. Can I still make improvements?

Yes you can. Research shows that people make the biggest improvement immediately after a condition like stroke or injury like brain injury, but with the right sort of training, people can continue to make small improvements at much later stages.

What happens at the assessment?

The therapist will ask you about what you are able to do, what is difficult to do, what you want to achieve, as well as some background information. Then the therapist will assess your function directly using a range of tests. At the end of the assessment, the therapist will discuss the results with you and together you will come up with a plan for your rehabilitation.

How often do I need to come?

It really depends on your needs, resources and goals. Some people come three times each week and other people come once a month.

Can a therapist come to my home?

Yes, we can come to your home, your workplace, your gym or anywhere that is appropriate. There is an additional cost of travel time ($60/hour) and mileage (72¢/km).

What areas of Auckland do you cover?

All of Auckland.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

No, anyone can refer themselves. You can ring the clinic (09 480 6464) to make an appointment.

My injury is covered by ACC. Will they pay for my treatment?

Yes; we need to have prior approval from your case manager, so you need to discuss your needs with them first. If they approve, then they need to refer you to us under a training for independence programme.