Exercise Classes

Why is exercise important?

Exercise has lots of benefits for your health. Exercise makes you stronger and fitter and helps to manage or prevent many health conditions. It also contributes to improving the way we do many functional activities, like standing up or walking. Exercise is also known to have benefits for your mental wellbeing as well. There are lots of options for exercise like joining a gym or going for a regular walk. Exercising on your own can sometimes be hard if you need exercises to be adapted, you require some assistance or if you like someone to spur you on

So we have designed three exercise classes:

  • We started Move! in 2012 for people with Parkinson’s disease who wanted to maintain or improve their walking, balance and flexibility. This class runs as a circuit with 3 minutes spent at the different stations.
  • Balance-Fit is for people with any condition at risk of falls. This class also runs as a circuit with 3 minute stations and is designed to improve your fitness, confidence, balance and strength.
  • We are very excited to have just designed a new class, ActivEx, which will follow a different format, allow more time for activities and includes some group work. ActivEx aims to improve your fitness, strength of your arms and legs and overall flexibility.

How do I choose the best class for me?

If you need someone near you when you walk, then ActivEx might be a good class for you. If you have Parkinson’s disease, then Move! might be a good option. If you lack confidence with your balance, then Balance-Fit might work for you. We offer a free 30 minute screening session with a physiotherapist who will go over your medical history and run through some brief physical tests with you. The physio will suggest which class will best suit your needs.

How do I sign up?

Call Sue, our office manager, on 480 6464 to book a free screening session.