The Move! course consists of six circuit sessions designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Why do we run this class?

Move2We know that exercise is important for improving health and wellbeing, but if you have Parkinson’s disease, exercise can also help to maintain or even improve your function. A lot of people with Parkinson’s disease have difficulties with walking and balance, which can lead to falls. A specifically targeted exercise programme can improve both walking and balance and so reduce your risk of falls.

When it starts getting difficult to move, people often stop moving, which only compounds the problem as inactivity leads to a number of complications like osteoporosis or heart problems. The good news is that you can break this cycle and when you improve your ability to move, you also decrease your risk for complications.

MOVE! Has been designed to:


  1. Maintain or improve your walking
  2. Maintain or improve your balance
  3. Improve your level of fitness
  4. Improve your flexibility
  5. Be fun!


When does it run?

The next block of classes will finish on Wednesday December 12, 2018. The class will have a break over the summer and start up again on Wednesday January 23, 2019.

How does the class work?

move1The class consists of 12 stations with one activity or exercise to improve walking, balance, flexibility or fitness. You spend three minutes at every station and move around all the stations in a circuit. You will get one minute to move to the next station and read the instructions on the wall or ask for help from the physiotherapist or from the students that help with the class. The class will run for one hour in total. Examples of the exercises can be found here


How much will it cost?

The cost of a six-week block exercise classes is $80. If you don’t want to commit to six weeks, then individual classes cost $20 each.

How do I take part?

If you are new to the class, then we offer a free screening session to make sure you will benefit from the class and to start you off on the right level. Please contact us at the clinic on 480 6464 to make an appointment for your free screening.

Move! information sheet