Step It Up

Why do we need this class?

We started this class during lockdown because we saw that many people were less active than they had been previously. So we designed this class so that we run it online (via Zoom) so that you can exercise in your own home. Once lockdown finished, we realised that some of our participants really liked the convenience of exercising at home.

How should come?

Step It Up is for people who want to improve their strength and balance. This class is particularly suitable for older people, but is open to anyone who has these goals.

How does Step It Up work?

This class is run by Sam Henry, one of our physiotherapists. She sends out the exercises and a class plan before each class, so participants know what to expect. People can work at their own pace and, if needed, Sam is able to customise exercises for each person’s ability. You will be able to see and hear Sam and she can see all the participants and give feedback and encouragement. The class is slightly different each week so that you have variety. We will also add a video every month of a simple class to our library, which we will make available to you to watch at any time. This means that you can do a class even if you have to miss the scheduled class or you can do the exercises more than once a week.

When does it run?

Every Wednesday from 1.30pm-2.00pm

How much will it cost?

Step It Up costs $35 per month, which includes four weekly exercise classes run over Zoom and access to the library of videos.

We offer one free class so that you can try it out before you commit to a month.

What is the first step?

We offer a free screening session before you join this class (this is also done online). We also will help you set up Zoom and get your laptop or device in the right place for the class. You can schedule your first appointment by calling our clinic on 09 480 6464.