Electrical Stimulation

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Electrical stimulation can be used to restore movement in or strengthen very weak muscles (for example after a stroke or spinal cord injury). In addition, electrical stimulation can be used to improve particular functional movements, such as reaching or walking. In certain cases, an electrical stimulator can be left on the body to stimulate desirable movements when needed, for example during walking or to prevent shoulder drop. Electrical stimulation can be used as part of the therapy session. Alternatively (or in addition) a training programme can be set up to be carried out at home. We recommend that the programme is progressed at regular intervals.

NeuroTrac Rehab
NeuroTrac Rehab


An assessment with a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist is needed to determine whether electrical stimulation would be suitable and if so, which applications would be most helpful. A standard assessment, writing up of a home programme and training session will cost $250. If you need an electrical stimulator for use at home, we sell a basic 2-channel Neurotrac Rehab unit with a handswitch for $200.

We are also able to sell Neurotrac Rehab units directly to physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Please contact Sue Buswell for orders.